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Christopher W. Cook, Esquire

Attorney and Author

Christopher W. Cook is the founder of The Torchlight Law Firm. He provides his clients with quality legal representation and is dedicated to advocating for the rights and best interests of his clients. 

Mr. Cook keeps his clients informed of the process and proceedings, as he knows that litigation can be very emotional for all parties involved. 

Christopher W. Cook is the author of two books, Police Promotion Preparation and The Philosophy of Competent Leadership. You can learn more about his books here.



Meet Attorney Christopher W. Cook


Blazing A Path Through
Family Law

We tackle the issues that many people are confronted with in family law cases. Whether it is divorce, child support, establishment of paternity, time-sharing (custody), prenuptial/post-nuptial agreements, or the modification of such. The Torchlight Law Firm is always ready to illuminate a path to a brighter outcome. Many people don't understand their full legal rights when dealing with family law issues. 

Did you know that fathers who are unwed to the mothers at the time the child is born need to have their rights defined by the court or written agreement in cases where they didn't sign the birth certificate? At The Torchlight Law Firm, we pinpoint the issues; ask the right questions; and pursue the remedies you want and deserve. We keep abreast of the developments in family law and apply that knowledge in the representation of our clients. We are here for you. 

Family law matters can be the most emotional of any legal matters. Family law looks at addressing issues of children which can be extremely sensitive. There is also a practical matter of family law which attempts to apply the law to persons who used to love one another but now find themselves in an adversarial relationship. Hiring an attorney in a family law case allows you to have professional representation without exposing yourself to a situation which can be antagonistic. Let The Torchlight Law Firm be your legal representation in all family law matters.


Protecting Your Employment Rights

Unlawful discrimination is an unfortunate evil that still persists today. If you feel that you've been treated wrongly at your place of employment, come in or give us a call. Being treated wrong, unfairly, or adversely is unlawful if it is based on your race, color, national origin, sex/gender, religion, marital status, disability, pregnancy, age, or support of someone in one of the previous categories. Sometimes it is difficult to identify unlawful discrimination. Fortunately for you, the people at The Torchlight Law Firm can help you identify and properly address these issues. 

As an employee, you have employment rights under Title VII, 42 U.S.C. 1983, The Florida Civil Rights Act, The ADA, The ADEA, FMLA (and its amendments), and many other state and federal laws which protect employee rights. 

We also address other employment issues such as; overtime, improper employment classification, equal pay, workers comp discrimination, and many others. You don't need to go it alone. We're here to help. Give us a call! 

Employers aren't likely to discriminate against you then admit to it. If you have been discriminated against, you need legal representation. Let The Torchlight Law Firm represent you in your employment law matter.


Other Legal Issues

In addition to family law and employment law matters, let the Torchlight Law Firm represent you in your construction law matters. If your contractor has performed his job in a non-acceptable manner, we can help you. If your contractor is threatening a lien and is not due payment, give us a call. Construction law is very technical. There are numerous pre-requisites which should be met before filing a lawsuit. Consult with an attorney, call us. 

If you have a tenant who refuses to pay rent or comply with all the terms and conditions of your rental or leasing agreement, call us. If you have a landlord who tries to make you live in a slum, call us. Let us help you through all of your landlord/tenant issues. We address landlord/tenant issues for both commercial and residential property.

Don't sign an agreement without reading and understanding it. I recommend that you have an attorney review every agreement you are thinking about signing before you sign it. Much litigation in the Courts today revolves around a party who waived rights or failed to preserve rights when they entered into an agreement. The cost of a contract review is nominal compared to pursuing or defending a lawsuit. Florida is a freedom of contract state and getting beyond the four corners of a contract is difficult, to say the least. Call the Torchlight Law Firm if you have contract issues.

Christopher Cook The Torchlight Law Firm